Lighting fund


The Lighting Project is now in the final preparatory stages:  our formal application for a Faculty has been submitted to the Registry and the 28 day Public Notice has gone up both inside and outside the church, along with a display about the  Lighting Design details on the porch noticeboard and inside the church.

We are hoping the work will start in August and full details of alternative worship provision will be made nearer the time; the work is expected to take 8 - 10 weeks and the church will be totally closed during that period, to everyone except the installers.  This will keep health & safety risks to a minimum.

We continue to fundraise and apply for grants, but the generosity has been amazing and we look forward to seeing the fruits of all those efforts in the Autumn

If you have any questions at all, please contact me:    Sally Wainman      07807 984589

All Saints


We are pleased to announce that STARTING from 4th of JULY our currently 12.00pm Holy Communion and Morning Service will CHANGE TIME to 10.00am.

The Order of Service will be displayed on a screen, providing a familiar feel of the Service to the congregation as it was in the past.

Same rules will apply when it comes to booking:

To ensure safe social distancing and due to limited numbers please email Robin Spittle on

or phone 01473 623388 to confirm your attendance.


Holy Habits

ZOOM Bible Study-" Holy Habits" 

In our next two Bible studies in July, we'll continue our Zoom theme of "Holy Habits" from the Bible Reading Fellowship.

Holy Habits is an initiative to nurture Christian discipleship. It explores Luke's model of church found in Acts 2:42-47, identifies ten habits and encourages the development of a way of life formed by them.

For those who wish to further their study of this excellent series, there is a huge wealth of information available for purchase and viewing on the Bible Reading Fellowship website.

The ten “Holy Habits” are:
Fellowship, Prayer, Gladness and Generosity, Serving, Worship, Sharing Resources, Making New Disciples, Breaking Bread, Eating Together and Bible Teaching

In the sermon on Sunday 4th of July we will address a further one of the "Habits" - MAKING MORE DISCIPLES and Bible Study is an extended exploration of the meaning of MAKING MORE DISCIPLES. Making more disciples is an important part of our Christian journey. To make more disciples, we all need to become disciples, and we can do this by living and breathing our faith, by becoming more like Jesus. We may not all be great preachers, but we don’t have to be. People will know when we're speaking honestly and with integrity about our faith.

“And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved."…

Please join our session on Thursday 8th of July (7.30pm) 

We will be preaching a sermon on “WORSHIP” on Sunday 18th of July, and midweek Bible Study is an opportunity to explore WORSHIP in greater depth. Worship can arise from a glad heart, but it can also be the deliberate choice of a hurting one. All of life can be worship when lived for love of God. Learning to make everything we do in our daily lives a worship offering to God is about 24/7 life, everyday discipleship.

" They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favour of all the people."

Session will be taking place on Wednesday 21st of July (7.30pm) 

To register your interest please respond to Robin by email or   text 07443924285.

New and familiar faces are very welcome!

Clarkson Service

Service of Commemoration of the work of Thomas Clarkson

Last Sunday 11th of July at St. Mary's church, Playford we held the Service of Commemoration of the work of Thomas Clarkson, friend of slaves. He was instrumental, along with William Wilberforce, in getting slavery abolished in the early 19th century. For years forgotten, he has rightly been restored to popular memory as a result of the celebration in 2007 of the bicentenary of abolition. 

During the service led by Reverend Gary Jones, we had the pleasure of hearing The Right Reverend Dr Mike Harrison give his address. An exhibition treasure  hunt  around the church yard was organised  by Ben Wale from Lightwave.

We must remember the horrors of the Slave Trade, reflect on its effects, and consider our response to its legacies.

Modern slavery is still present throughout the world today, despite attempts by individuals and organizations alike to eradicate it.

The power of our Voices must be used to advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves, and for all those who are destitute. Don't ignore the plight of the poor and needy; speak up and judge fairly.

The Clever Initiative enabled Church of England dioceses and wider church networks to raise awareness of