Please support your church by changing casual expenditure into intentional giving.

Each month most of us spend a few
pounds on things we perhaps give little thought too: casual expenditure on newspapers/magazines, takeaways, confectionery etc (trying to avoid the word ‘chocolate’ here!)

Our church needs a firm foundation of regular giving all the year round and many people already do, in the most wonderful way; but if your giving is more spasmodic then can you consider giving £5 a week (£20 a month) or £2.50 a week (£10 a month) via Direct  Debit through the Parish Giving Scheme?

£20 a month plus Gift Aid becomes £300 per annum, so we only need 3 people to sign up to raise nearly a £1000 more p.a. without hopefully putting a strain on anyone’s finances, because giving up or sacrificing one or two tiny purchases each week will cover this amount!

The word “sacrifice” actually means to make holy, so this isn’t just about money per se, but about inviting God to come and share a meal with you, so to speak: your support for our church means we can “feed” others.

Please speak to me or give me a ring:  07807 984589
Sally Wainman,
Local Giving Advisor


If you buy goods or services online, please look into signing up for Give-As-You-Live and Amazon Smile. They make a real difference to us, as each time you buy something online the company you buy from donates to us, without costing you anything! The amount that companies donate to us varies widely from 0.5% of your spend to as high as 10% on special days so it really is worth doing! Give-As-You-Live works at most online stores, utilities, and services (e.g. Hughes, booking.com, BT, Sky, ...), and is very easy to use as once registered you simply shop as normal. When using Amazon, it's best to use smile.amazon.co.uk instead of amazon.co.uk (it works the same way as Amazon). For both services, when prompted to select your charity, choose "Kesgrave Church of England Charity" to support our youth work, or "Kesgrave Parish Church Trust" to support our general work.  Please sign up for both services if you are able. With thanks in anticipation!

For any queries contact John Wittgreffe on john.wittgreffe@btinternet.com


ASK PCC gift aid declaration

The following documents provide further information on donating funds (both Regular Giving, known as ‘Stewardship’, and Occasional Giving).

Ways to give

Resourcing our Future

We rely on our church family to support our work, through a variety of means.

There are many ways to give to the work of All Saints, Kesgrave – in time, skills, and financial resources.

To donate your time, skills and energy to the church, please contact Robin directly (see our ‘Contact Us’ page).

Give as You Live- for free!

For anyone that performs web-searchers or shops online from Amazon, eBay, John Lewis, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and many other subscribing retailers, there’s a new way you can give more to All Saints Church without it costing you a penny! Simply register with http://www.giveasyoulive.com/howitworks and perform your web searches or shop via their page. 1%-1.5% of the value of purchases then come to All Saints, and every few web searches raise 1p (it soon adds up!). This works on computers or smart-phones.

When choosing your Charity, we suggest you choose our “Kesgrave Church of England Charity”, which means that funds can be used for regular costs such as youth worker and parish administrator. If you choose instead the “Parish Trust” the money instead goes into a permanent endowment where only the interest can be used by All Saints.

If you use the web please give this a try- it’s so easy and every little makes a difference! Many thanks for your help. 

For any enquiries about Give As You Live  please contact John Wittgreffe