ASK Zoom Church Recorded Services

"Waiting" Service- 24/05/20                PLEASE NOTE: Skip 3min for the service to commence. 
                                                                     Sermon by Robin Spittle starts at 18min.

Rogation Service -17/05/20                 PLEASE NOTE: Sermon by Sally Wainman starts at 19min.

Reconciliation Service-10/05/20         PLEASE NOTE: Skip forward 05min for the Service                                                                                           to commence. Sermon Part1 by Mike Bryer  starts at 22min. 
                                                                       Sermon Part2 by Gary Jones starts at 33min.

After Hours - 03/05/20                            PLEASE NOTE: Skip forward 4min for the service to   
                                                                        commence. Sermon by Rev. Toby Tate -St. Michael's 
                                                                        at Martlesham starts at 14min.  

Our Heavenly Hope-       03/05/20
"The Destination" 
                                    PLEASE NOTESermon by Robin Spittle start at 14min.

Our Heavenly Hope-       26/04/20       PLEASE NOTE:  We have experienced technical problems
"The Journey"                                            recording  beginning of the service.Skip forward 
                                                                       19min to listen to Sermon by Robin Spittle.

Pet Sunday Service -       19/04/2020   PLEASE NOTE: Skip forward 03min for the Service  to 
                                                                   commence. Sermon by Sally Letman  starts at 18min. 

Easter Sunday Service - 12/04/2020   PLEASE NOTE: Skip forward 08min for the Service to 
                                                                      commence. Sermon by Chris Nunn  starts at 23min. 

Palm Sunday Service -   05/04/2020    PLEASE NOTE: Skip forward 21min for the Service to  
                                                                        commence. Sermon by Gary Jones starts at 40min.