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Rev Robin Spittle


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 REVISED Sunday  28th of February 2021

A message from your Vicar

We wish to assure you that as a church we are continually  monitoring and  updating our decisions and practices with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time of national and world-wide uncertainty, we will of course continue to adhere to rules and guidance as set out by the Government, The Church of England and the Diocese of St.Edmundsbury. Please see below details of our online  Services:



                                             The Way
Wednesday 3rd of March 7.10pm- 8.45pm- Benefice ZOOM CHURCH- LENT GROUP
This year we will be using a mix of Bible Study and clips from the film "The Way". Starring Martin Sheen (from "The West Wing") this beautiful film is described thus:-

Dr. Thomas Avery is an American ophthalmologist who goes to France following the death of his adult son, Daniel(Emilio Estevez), killed in the Pyrenees during a storm while walking the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James), a Christian pilgrimage route to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in GaliciaSpain. Tom's purpose is initially to retrieve his son's body. However, in a combination of grief and homage to his son, Tom decides to walk the ancient spiritual trail where his son died, taking Daniel's ashes with him. While walking the Camino, Tom meets others from around the world, all looking for greater meaning in their lives.

 Each session will be "free standing" and you are invited to join us via Zoom for as many or few as is practical for you. They will each run from 7.10pm to 8.30pm and will all be followed by a 15 minute service of "Compline". Dates are  Wednesday 3rd March, Wednesday 10th March, Thursday 18th March and Tuesday 23rd March.

The DVD of "The Way" is available quite cheaply on Amazon Smile or free with Amazon Prime; this will add to continuity and enjoyment if you have to miss some of the sessions.

Please click this link to join:


Meeting ID: 870 6376 6972
Passcode: 831100

Further to the announcement about using the film "The Way" during Lent we will be looking at the following themes. 

Wednesday 3rd March Who Needs Companions.... (a change of direction - Acts 16:16-34)
Film Clip 20:00 to 44:20
Wednesday 10th March - Looking Outward.... (a change of heart - Galatians 6:1-6)
Film Clip 44:20 to 73:00
Thursday 18th March - Choices Have Consequences.... (a change of principle 1 King 17: 7-16)
Film Clip 73:00 to 94:00

Tuesday 23rd March - The End and Then a Bit Further.... (a change of ultimate destination - Luke 24:13-35)
94:00 to the end




                                              how to change

Sunday 7th of March 2021- 10.00am- 11.00am- Benefice ZOOM CHURCH- "How to change" Series -"How to think"
We would love you to join our All Saints Zoom Church at 10.00 am !!!
Please click the link below to join :


Meeting ID: 870 6231 8481
Passcode: 135477

Please note:
If you encounter any difficulties  in joining this Service, please contact  Ollie Scase  for assistance askyouthwork@gmail.com  

You will be able to listen to a sermon, join in with worship and prayer-time activities. 

This coming Sunday at our 10am Zoom Church service, we will be thinking about humility and valuing others above ourselves.

For our prayer activity we are asking you to decorate a flower picture, and then to use each of the petals to consider ways in which you can think of others and be kind and helpful during the coming week. We look forward to seeing your creations!

Please click here for a copy of the colouring sheet.

May be an illustration of flower and text

For those joining Zoom for the first time,
There are some simple instructions how to join

if you wish to view our recorded All Saints Zoom Church Services on our Website

                                                   after hours

Sunday 7th of March 2021- 5.00pm- 5.45pm-  Benefice ZOOM CHURCH- AFTER HOURS

It would be wonderful if you could all join us for inspiring video-led worship. You will be able to listen to a themed sermon and enjoy some uplifting hymns. 

Please click the link below to join our All Saints Zoom Church- After Hours:
Meeting ID: 870 8788 5056
Passcode: 005683

Please note:
If you encounter any difficulties  in joining this Service, please contact  Ollie Scase  for assistance askyouthwork@gmail.com  

For those joining Zoom for the first time ,
There are some simple instructions how to join

                                       coffee  chat  

Tuesday 9th of March  2021-10.00am- 11.00am- ZOOM COFFEE & CHAT

Tuesday 9th March 2021 will be Zoom Coffee & Chat! Alternating with Messy Church we hope to offer a chance for carers and their little ones to have a catch up with one another over a coffee. There’ll also be chance for our younger members to ‘show & tell’ any creations or achievements from the past week! 10am onwards. We look forward to seeing you!

Please click here to email for a link to Coffee & Chat

(Please note that for safeguarding purposes all participants must be prepared to share video for the duration of the service.  Thank you.) 

Jennie & the team



Tuesday 9th of March 2021- 7.30pm-9.00pm- ALPHA ONLINE
Alpha Online is a course designed to give you the space and time to ask challenging questions about life, faith and meaning from the comfort of your own home.

It is ideal for those new to faith, those sitting on the fence regarding faith, and those of us who want to know Jesus more.

Each film is designed to create conversation around a topic such as: is there more to life than this, who is Jesus, what proof is there that he existed, what is the meaning of life, why is there suffering in this world.
Each week we watch the short film prior to the meeting, and then join the Zoom meeting for 1hr 30 mins where we explore life’s big questions.

We invite all of you along, but especially ask you, do you know anyone who might benefit from this course? Perhaps someone struggling, feeling a little lost, or wondering about faith and whether it might be for them. If so, please suggest they join us.
The course will be eleven weeks long and meetings will be held at 7.30pm each Wednesday from the 10th February 2021.
If you would like to join us at ANY point of the course, please contact Helen Wittgreffe at helen.wittgreffe@btinternet.com



Pub Quiz Friday 12th of March 2021- 7.00pm- 8.30pm- ZOOM PUB QUIZ

Description:Please join us for a fun evening of questions and laughter via Zoom. Children are very welcome, with some questions even complied by our younger members. No need to form a team, our Quiz Master  will work that all out for us!
Here's the link to join : 


Please note:
If you encounter any difficulties  in joining this Service, please contact  Ollie Scase  for assistance askyouthwork@gmail.com  

I have now produced  “Thoughts For The Times” videos and (amazingly to me) these seem to have been very well received!  They can be accessed through this  website


To help us communicate with each other our Ministry Team are  using Zoom for Morning Prayer and a Staff Meeting each Monday
Look out for the Prayer, Listening and Practical Support Schemes that are coming into practice 

You can also keep  in contact with us through our Facebook Page 

At the moment we are still allowing funerals at All Saints. Having said that the number that are allowed to attend is very low and the suggestion is that a basic funeral can be followed by a Thanksgiving Service later in the year. I want to reassure those who can’t attend that to simply remember their loved one at home during the time of the service is both itself appropriate and also what that loved one would want them to do.

Please be assured that the community of Kesgrave is continually in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.


A prayer for this time of difficulty...

Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy.
Sustain and support the anxious,
be with those who care for the sick,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may find comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love
in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

All Saints Kesgrave Support Line