Want to come to a service? Here's how.

There are two ways you can participate in our online services. We know that "virtual" services will never replace the feeling of meeting up with everyone in person, but we would love to invite you in this opportunity to - despite the circumstances - join us in worship.

Where possible, we'd love to see you join in the zoom, however, we understand that this might not be convenient for some people. Whatever you're reason, if you can't join in the Zoom, look for #2 -Recordings!

The easiest way to find out about our services is on Facebook, or our "What's On" page; links to the various ways of accessing them can be found by clicking on the event.

#1 - Zoom

A piece of software called "Zoom" has gone from relatively unknown, to worldwide sensation in the recent times. Zoom is designed as a video conferencing software, however now that contact is limited for everyone, its finding itself a wide variety of use from online lectures and classes to church services and even youth nights.

Every service we post will have a Zoom link to it. Once you've downloaded and installed the software (a video tutorial can be found here), all you need to do is click the zoom link (it will look like zoom.us/j/123456789?pwd=abcDEfgh0ijkl)

Once you've clicked the link, your browser will ask you if you want to "Open Zoom". Doing so will take you to the meeting.

#2 - Recordings

Of the services we stream, we'll try  to get a video up on YouTube as soon afterwards as possible.  We're still in the progress of working this one out, but check back here for a link to a playlist in a few days time.
 OR please click https://www.askesgrave.org/askzoomchurchrecordedservices.htm  to view our ASK Zoom Church Services on our Website.